About Us

Veezel LLC

Veezel Software Solutions specializes in could services and mobile software solutions. This includes integrating custom software and upgrading existing systems to enhance user-friendliness and efficiency.

We are focus on optimizing business operations, managing resources effectively, and providing support for the cloud and mobile technologies. Additionally, we emphasize environmental efficiency by considering the impact of energy usage and materials in our software solutions.

Our services are designed to be cross-platform compatible, cloud-enabled, and comprehensive system support.

Some of our customer benefits:

  • Resource Management

    Real-time resource availability with work calendars and resource load for internal, external, and guest resources.

  • Enterprise Optimization

    Continuous optimization through focusing on high priorities, developing optimal strategies, and preparing for risks with contingency plans.

  • Process Management

    Involves planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources to meet project goals within scope, time, and budget constraints.

  • Solutions Support

    Identifying and evaluating resource support alternatives to meet operational requirements and associated risks, with defined sustainment metrics.

  • Solution Research, Analysis, and Requirements

    Documentation of actionable, measurable, testable, and traceable components related to business needs for solution design.

  • Projects Development & Implementation

    Ensuring context sensitivity, public outreach, and early planning to address local, regional, and statewide priorities and needs.

  • Environment & Efficiency

    Addressing environmental impact through energy usage, materials used, and changes, with a focus on going beyond compliance for business benefits.

  • Skills & Services

    100% proficiency in business-centric software solutions, cross-platform compatibility, cloud enablement, and system support. Offers user manuals, knowledge base, phone, and email support, accessible via a web browser.

  • Contact & Access

    Options to contact the team, access Veezel apps and tools, and inquire about services.